29 March 2012

How To Make....

...Slime Effects !

Hi All!
Here's a simple guide to make some nasty slime effect for your minis...

The process is very easy!

All you need is:

- Some P.V.A. Glue like this one:

-WIP- Dark Eldar -Asdrubael Vect-


I'm actually working (for free :V)  on my friend's  Dark Eldar veichle...

I HATE DARK ELDARS!!!!! ahaaaaa

Here's a little picture... :D

Yesterday i've added some details....

20 March 2012

Smells like...... THOUSAND SONS

Hi all!!!!

Something boiling in the pot... (of my brain ahaaaaaaaaaa)

I've just received an awesome Stygian kit from Kromlech...
I'll start to work to my Thousand sons in next days!!!

19 March 2012

-VIDEO- Typhus, Herald of Nurgle

Hi all! This is the video of how I modeled and painted Typhus, have fun!


Hi all !!!
This is my new blog where I will share with you my experiences with miniatures and painting.
Gradually i'll add new photos and videos about my  personal works...
I hope you like it
See you soon !!!

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