23 October 2012

How to make.... Freehand writings on vehicles

Hi all!!!

I want to show you how i make writings on vehicles....
It's a fast and easy technique, but the result is very nice...
Let's Start!!!

First of all you must select the writings you want to paint.

Then you must print them (better on squared paper) paying attention to the font size respect to the area where you have to place it.

Then using a pencil, blackens the back of the sheet, to create a kind of carbon paper

Now it's time to positioning your writing and fix it to the surface with paper tape

Pass over the writing with a pen...

Remove the paper and you'll now have the guideline for your freehand painting...

The final result, will looks like this

Thanks for reading!

16 October 2012

Valknut back to work!!!

HI ALL!!!!!

I've taken a little pause from my blog but now i'm returning with lot of news about my works.
I've not posted any news, but i've done lots of paintworks!!!
I'm currently working on a new wh40k Salamanders Army that I want to show on next local modeling competition under "Warhammer Category"...
A sort of unofficial "Armies on parade"
This is a little taste of my new models... I'll post some pictures soon!
Welcome back!!! :)

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