12 August 2018

-SHOWCASE- The Ninth Age Empire of Sonnstahl Quick Starter Army

Hi all!

A couple of month ago,i was searching for some ideas and i accidentally entered a forum named "The ninth Age" and i found that some peoples was revamping the old Wahammer Fantasy!

There i found lots of amazing conversions, a great community and a ton of pictures about lovely old armies!!!
( i afterwards discovered that this project is alive from many years hehe!!! )

So i decided to remove the dust from my old Empire Army and build and paint a small force for The Ninth Age Quick Starter games.

That's the result...
I hope you like it  ;)

Empire of Sonnstahl Quick Starter Army (About 800pt Army)



Heavy Infantry

Light Infantry

Electoral Cavalry

Thanks for reading!!!

PS: if you and your friends are "nostalgic" with square bases, i suggest to visit  The Ninth Age Forum

See you soon!!! :)

09 August 2018

-HOW TO MAKE- Swamp Bases

Hi all and welcome back again! :)

I apologize for being away from blog for this long time but i got a "work upgrade",  i changed home (and many other positive things) so i had the necessity to pause from blogging and dedicate myself to other activities,

But nothing can stop me from painting and in this year i've generated a ton of material that augurably i'll show you on next posts :)

But, as i promised one year ago, here's how i make swamp bases! :)

As usual.... LET'S START!!!!

For making swamp bases i use few simple materials, most of them are found in nature for example, foliage, little pieces of wood and stones.

But the most important thing in a respectable swamp is: MOSS!

For making moss i use 3 simple ingredients:

-Vinyl Glue
-Sponge grass

and for modulate colour:

-Acrylic paints

The process for making a nice moss is very simple...
Just mix Water, glue and grass together

...and add some acrylic paints to adjust colour for your necessities:

That's the result

---TIPS:  after your moss will dry, it will be darker than the wet mixture!---

Then i applied the mix with a brush, and i added some water effects, stones and wood

And that's the result:

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial!
Thanks for reading


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