22 April 2013

-SHOWCASE- Space Marines (Salamanders) Sergeant

Hi all!!!

As you may have guessed, i am a great lover of painting and modeling rather than the game (even if one day a week is dedicated to the game :) )

For this reason i often tend to jump from one project to another, and I find myself with a thousand half-painted armies

SO..... I'm back to my old salamanders, which I think is one of the most fascinating and mysterious chapters of all the Imperium.

This is one of my last finished works!

I really like to paint dirty and weathered armours, demonstrating the hard life on the battlefields of the 41st millennium

This is also a little taste of my land raider which is still a work in progress (but is almost complete)

See you soon!!!!

11 April 2013

-SHOWCASE- Skaven Lord Skrolk

Hello everyone!

Lately i've felt the need to paint something new because i'm a little 'bored to paint vehicles and power armours...

In my opinion, working on new models, improves painting techniques, because you discover new forms and new shades of color.

So i decided to paint a model i had in the house for many years, a Skaven!

The color scheme is not 'very different from the models of Nurgle i painted before, but, accustomed to paint power armours and vehicles, i must admit that the first approach to the flesh, wood and fabrics, it was not easy for me.

Armed with patience and confidence, i completed my first Skaven!

I was born and grew up in a port town ... I love rats! ahahaha

I hope you like it!

02 April 2013

-HOW TO MAKE- Realistic Towing Cables

Hi all!

Today I want show you how to build more realistic towing cables

...than the plastic ones!

The procedure is very simple and the result is excellent.
To do this, it will take a few minutes of work and a bit 'of electrical wire
(In this case I used an old connector for personal computers)

Separate the hooks from plastic cable and make two small holes to subsequently insert the power cord.

Strip the cable and wrap it around itself.

With a small drop of super glue insert the wire ends into the holes of the hooks.

add details as you like .... :)

With this simple procedure you can make your vehicle more like the real ones ...

I hope this has been helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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