06 June 2013

-WIP- Eldar Windrider Jetbike Squad pt.1

Hi all!!!

While waiting for oil wash was dry on my baneblade,  i went to read some information about the new eldars and it made me want to paint some bikes to test the color scheme of Saim-Hann, who is one of my favorite Craftworlds.

I started to search in the maze of my house and i was surprised at how many Eldar i found!
I didn't remember to have them bought! ahahaha!!!

So i immediately set to work and assembled 3 jetbikes!

I primed them with Vallejo Black Primer then i made some stripes using masking paper tape

Before giving the base color i did some highlights on the outer parts of the model with Vallejo Grey Primer, after which i gave several thin layers of GW Mephiston Red

I higlighted the edges with a glaze of Blazing Orange and i shaded gems with GW Scorched Brown.

This is the result with only 10 minutes of work with the airbrush!

The eldar jetbikes are very beautiful models, i hope to finish them soon!

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. What are the 2 big boxes in your first picture?

    Great work BTW!


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