04 December 2013

-HOW TO MAKE- Snow Bases

Hi all!

Was for a long time that i wanted to paint some miniatures different than those of the GW range, so I've recently bought some Privateer Press miniatures, just to "taste" a different manufacturer and different materials.

I went to my friend's game store and i started to wander among various blisters and boxes, and i fell in love for Hordes Miniatures, but i'll show you how i've painted these models later, because today i want to show you how i make snowy bases...

So, get ready to work!!!

At first look you can see that All Privateer Press bases have the external edge raised, that it makes possible to customize the terrain much better rather than other bases.

I glued a piece of cork with hot glue (but you can also use PVA glue), and i made a little edging with green stuff where the water effect will be poured, then i covered the rest with sand.

I primed all bases with black primer, in order to give a first shade

I started with a first brown layer, then i've highlighted with a brighter brown.

I painted the stone with panzer grey and i made ah heavy drybrush with Khaki White...

I used paints from Lifecolor Mimetic Paints Range because i love the matt surface they leave when dried, but you can use any acrilic paint.

Then i weathered all bases with Dark Earth pigment, in order to give to all bases a dusty effect.
I thinned the pigment with lot of water and some drops of Matt warnish that will serve as pigment fixer...

That's the result...

After painting the edges with black paint, the bases are almost ready to be glued to miniatures...

I added some grass tuft...

Now it's time to make it snow! :)

I made a mix of PVA glue and Games Workshop snow effect up to create a kind of paste that will subsequently be brushed all over the base.

In this example i wanted to make a melted spring snow...

If you prefer, you can add more snow to represent a heavy winter snowfall like this.

After gluing the miniature to the base, i added a few drops of water effect to represent the frozen puddles created by melted snow...

That's the result!

There are lot of types of snow, for example you can make ice by adding more water to mixture, or make a fresh snow by adding more snow sprinkles on a layer of PVA glue

I hope this simple tutorial has been helpful!

Thanks for reading!!!!

18 November 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Veterans

Hi all and welcome back!!!

I recently took a little pause from hobby, in order to do some works at home...
But as soon i finished, i immediately started to work on my models :)

I bought some heads and legs from Maxmini.eu and i assembled some veterans for my imperial guard.
Those bits are fantastics, they almost don't need to be cleaned nor sanded...
That's the results...
(As you can see, i love to put a lot of extra equipment on my soldiers (bags, binoculars grenades) :)
I hope you like them....

PS: i already started to paint them... I'll post some photos soon!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

08 October 2013

-SHOWCASE- Ravenwing Land Speeder Typhoon

Hi all!!!

I'm still working on my new army: The 2nd Dark Angels Company -THE RAVENWING-!!!
I really love these models, and i really enjoy to paint their black armours!

This is my first Land Speeder Typhoon!

I hope you like it!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!! :)

27 September 2013

-SHOWCASE- Ravenwing Librarian on Jetbike


I've finally completed my Ravenwing Librarian...
I Hope you like it!!!

PS: during the painting process i made some changes to the model showed in WIP stage :P

Link to WIP

Some head details...

Finished model...

Thanks for reading!!!! ;)

13 September 2013

-WIP- Ravenwing Librarian on Jetbike

HELLO and welcome back from summer holidays!!!

As soon as i got back from vacation, i immediately started to work on my next model, the Ravenwing Librarian.

I wanted to break out of the standard, and i decided to create a jetbike instead of a regular motorcycle ...

I opened one of the three boxes of bits looking for an idea to start the project...

...and the first thing i noticed was the frame of a Dark Eldar Jetbike so i decided to start this mad project :)

Since the frame was very short i cut the air intake in order to add other components, and make the model a little bigger...

I built the handlebars and instrumentation using a Space Marine Auspex and the handle of heavy weapons

After that i glued a vox caster as a support for the ravenwing shield and i applied the handlebar previously built

At this point i cut a dreadnought bit and some eagle symbols from imperial city sprue and i glued everything in front of the jetbike frame and i also added a book from ravenwing upgrade sprue

I built the jetbike bottom using a dreadnough cable and a panel from a cyclone missile launcher

The librarian head comes from gray knights sprue...

After i've built all main components i fixed everything with adhesive mastic to see how it looks and i added some details and purity seals

(i didn't take pictures but for the rear engine i used a space marines jump pack)

...and that's the result!!!

Now it's time to paint! :D

Thanks for reading!!!!! :)

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