29 April 2012

-WIP- Grey Knights Dreadnought "Soft" Conversion

Hi all!!!

This is my converted GK Psyfledread.
I used the autocannons from Aegis defence line kit...

-SHOWCASE- And Now... Some finished Grey Knights :D

These are some of my finished grey knights...  my friends tell me i'm a chaos addicted.... but i can paint the emperor's slaves........ ehm......  MARINES as well! ahahaha

PS: I'ts true.... i'm a chaos addicted!!! ahaaa

26 April 2012

-VIDEO- Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer

Hi all!!!

Here's the video of my finished Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer!!!


24 April 2012

-WIP- WH40K Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle

Hi all!!!!
Yesterday i was bored, so i created a chaos sorcerer...  ENJOY! :D

I started with body....

20 April 2012

-WIP- Finecast Daemon Prince "Soft" convertion...

Hi All!!!

This is how I converted and painted my daemon prince.
I 'never liked his sword, so I converted into a scythe ...
I also added a gas mask...

ENJOY!!!! :)

15 April 2012

-WIP- Nurgle Plague marines flamers squad #1 COMPLETE!

Today i've completed mi 1st squad of plague marines with flamers :D
I've drybrushed all marines and their weapons with liquid green stuff to add some "rusty and corroded" effect..

And now i've to paint them :)

10 April 2012

-WIP- Building Plague Marines using scattered bits :)

HI ALL!!!!

Today I woke up with the desire to create two squad of plague marines with flamers and their champions whith power fist, so I started looking for the various components in my bits boxes ....

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