30 May 2013

-SHOWCASE- Imperial Guard Lord Commissar

Hi all!

Finally I've completed my Lord Commissar !!!
(and i already starded to paint the Aegis Defence line for my army! With scratchbuilt Comms Relay)

I hope you like it!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

27 May 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Commissar #2

Hi all!

I usually buy a lot of miniatures and i leave them in the closet, until i have "modelling inspirations" :)
So in this weekend, i decided to remove the dust from my commissar and make this simple conversion.

At first i've removed his head with dremel, trying to leave the hat undamaged so it can be re used on the new face.

Then i took a standard Kolony Militia head (from Pig iron Production) and i trimmed the helmet leaving the gas mask, on which I glued the hat of the Finecast Commissar.
(I also had to rebuild some details with green stuff)

The right arm was made using a modular mechanical arm from Anvil Industry on which i glued a bolt pistol from space marines sprue.
(I covered the space between the torso and the arm using an old guitar string)

This is the result after assembling all components and after adding extra equipment.

I have to paint it as soon as possible, do not want to be summarily executed! ahaha!

Thanks for reading!!!

21 May 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Company Command Veteran and Heavy Weapon

Hi all!

Now my new command squad is almost completed... They only needs some paint :)

This is a Lasgun Veteran, i wished to glue a binoculars but i thought that he was fine while was looking at the horizon, so i decided to leave his hand free :)

This is the heavy weapon team with lascannon, once painted i will add some barbed wire...

I have already started to paint them...
I'll post some photos soon!

Thanks for reading!

20 May 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Company Commander and Vox Caster

Hi all!!!

I'm still working on my imperial guard...

So far in my battles i deployed the company command team of the Death Korps of Krieg but i noticed that as true scale models, they are very thin compared to Cadians so i decided to build a new command squad using the GW models because i thought they are aestetically better to see along with the rest of the army.

This is my new warlord

And that's the Vox Caster
(For the radio antennas i used some old guitar strings)

Today i will complete the Company Command squad with a Lasgun Veteran and a Heavy Weapon Team.

Thanks for reading!!!

18 May 2013

-SHOWCASE- Imperial Guard Infantry Squad #1

Hi all!

Finally i've completed my 1st Infantry squad!
They're simple cadian shock troops with a lot of extra equipment and gas mask from Pig Iron Productions
Backpacks are made with Space Marines magazine pouches!

I hope you like them!

Thanks for reading!!!

14 May 2013

-HOW TO MAKE- Realistic Improved Comms

Hi all!

While working on my tanks i noticed that all comms and radios aren't so realistic.
So i decided to make this simple tutorial on how to make better antennas for your vehicles.


You have to use the fire then ask for help to an adult!!!

At first i searched for an empty sprue, then i cut a small piece leaving some plastic, so i can easily grab it.

Then you have to carefully melt it in the center ( Melt, not burn! )

While the plastic is molten you have to gently stretch the sprue in order to create a long plastic wire.

Do not worry if it looks like is breaking, if you do this correctly the wire will be very durable and flexible.

When it cools, cut to the desired length.

By adding some bits you can create a nice improved comms, like the real ones!

And remember to do this with the aid of an adult, because using a lighter to melt plastic is very dangerous! 

Thanks for reading!

13 May 2013

-WIP- MJOLLNIR pattern Basilisk pt.3


Finally i've started to paint the basilisk.

I've primed the whole model with vallejo black primer, then i've airbrushed with GW Dawnstone.

Then i made some stripes with Lifecolor Panzer Grey.

At this point is VERY important to protect the base color with transparent varnish

In order to apply decals properly, they must be sealed between two layer of transparent varnish.

In this way you'll protect the model, and the oil washes will flow better between the paneling and details

This is the scheme i follow:

The next step i washed the whole model with oil paints thinned with white spirit.
PS: oil washes takes about two hours before it completely dries

This is the result once dried...

Today i'll add some details and battle damages!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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