13 May 2013

-WIP- MJOLLNIR pattern Basilisk pt.3


Finally i've started to paint the basilisk.

I've primed the whole model with vallejo black primer, then i've airbrushed with GW Dawnstone.

Then i made some stripes with Lifecolor Panzer Grey.

At this point is VERY important to protect the base color with transparent varnish

In order to apply decals properly, they must be sealed between two layer of transparent varnish.

In this way you'll protect the model, and the oil washes will flow better between the paneling and details

This is the scheme i follow:

The next step i washed the whole model with oil paints thinned with white spirit.
PS: oil washes takes about two hours before it completely dries

This is the result once dried...

Today i'll add some details and battle damages!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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