06 May 2013

-WIP- MJOLLNIR pattern Basilisk pt.1

Hi all!

In many years dedicated to the hobby, the Imperial Guard is one of the armies that is giving me the most satisfaction from the modeling point of view.

As I said earlier i'm a big fan of military vehicles and nothing better than the imperial guard can give me the pleasure to paint such beautiful tanks.

But enough talk ... it's time to get to work!

Last weekend I bought 2 basilisk from a friend who does not use them anymore.
The models were in very poor condition, badly glued and painted worse ...

At first I disassembled all the components to facilitate the stripping and reassembly

Then I dipped the pieces in alcohol for 1 hour and I removed the old paint with a toothbrush.

Once dried i reassembled and i rebuilt a few details with metal wire

The barrel was assembled together with the cannon from leman russ eradicator sprue.
This will give a more aggressive aspect to the finished model

Some glue residue could not be removed, then have them filed down to make them less rough.

Then i added a dozer blade and 2 sections of track guards with plasticard...
I'm thinking of adding a front shield as like the Forgeworld Vanaheim pattern

This is the result so far, but there' still a lot of work...
Stay tuned for pt2 !!!

Thanks for reading!

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