27 May 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Commissar #2

Hi all!

I usually buy a lot of miniatures and i leave them in the closet, until i have "modelling inspirations" :)
So in this weekend, i decided to remove the dust from my commissar and make this simple conversion.

At first i've removed his head with dremel, trying to leave the hat undamaged so it can be re used on the new face.

Then i took a standard Kolony Militia head (from Pig iron Production) and i trimmed the helmet leaving the gas mask, on which I glued the hat of the Finecast Commissar.
(I also had to rebuild some details with green stuff)

The right arm was made using a modular mechanical arm from Anvil Industry on which i glued a bolt pistol from space marines sprue.
(I covered the space between the torso and the arm using an old guitar string)

This is the result after assembling all components and after adding extra equipment.

I have to paint it as soon as possible, do not want to be summarily executed! ahaha!

Thanks for reading!!!

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