14 May 2013

-HOW TO MAKE- Realistic Improved Comms

Hi all!

While working on my tanks i noticed that all comms and radios aren't so realistic.
So i decided to make this simple tutorial on how to make better antennas for your vehicles.


You have to use the fire then ask for help to an adult!!!

At first i searched for an empty sprue, then i cut a small piece leaving some plastic, so i can easily grab it.

Then you have to carefully melt it in the center ( Melt, not burn! )

While the plastic is molten you have to gently stretch the sprue in order to create a long plastic wire.

Do not worry if it looks like is breaking, if you do this correctly the wire will be very durable and flexible.

When it cools, cut to the desired length.

By adding some bits you can create a nice improved comms, like the real ones!

And remember to do this with the aid of an adult, because using a lighter to melt plastic is very dangerous! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great tutorial!

    I use the flexible plastic bristle you get from Brooms and Brushes.

    Safer and they seem to last longer too :)

    1. Great idea!
      I'll Try them too!!!
      Thank you!!! :D

    2. Just don't let your wife catch you doing it - lol

    3. i'll do it while she's sleeping! ahuahua


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