27 February 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Kasrkin squad pt1

Hi all!

Some days ago i bought an Imperial Guard Kasrkin squad that i want to use as veteran squad.

The first thing i've noticed when i opened the package, was the bad status of all minis.

So i thought that they would need a bath into paint remover.

After 24h into acetone (i use it to soften old paints and primer) and 24h into denatured alcohol, finally i was able to remove almost all paint with a toothbrush...

Then i've "decapitated" the poor sergeant with dremel...

...and i've replaced his head with the one from Pig Iron Production ( http://www.pig-iron-productions.com ) because all men in my regiment will wear a gas mask!!!

After giving to sergeant a new head, i've glued all men on their bases and i added some details with green stuff, plasticard and sand.

Now they're ready to be painted!

Thanks for reading!

21 February 2013

-SHOWCASE- Leman Russ "Valentine" completed

Hi all!

Finally i've completed my first Leman Russ!

I've added some details and i've washed the whole model with light brown oil wash to simulate rust and erosion of rain contaminated with radiation.

I tried to recreate the effect of radiation on vehicles, using historical photos of vehicles used in contaminated areas...

That's the finished model, i hope you like it!

See you soon!!!

14 February 2013

-WIP- Leman Russ Battle Tank

Hi all!
After painting the chimera, as an admirer of WWII tanks i felt a bit stupid to have never tried to paint an Imperial Guard tank...

Painting the chimera was a lot of fun, so i bought an old Leman Russ to make some further experiments on these beautiful models...

First i added some detail and i sandpapered the ruined parts.

The hull side was broken so i built a new tailgate with Plasticard and i've created the welds with the green stuff.

Then i primed and started to recreate the same color scheme of the chimera, adding some other details.
I washed the whole model with black oil paint and then i applied a color filter with a light brown oil

This is the result so far ...

And tonight ... TO WORK!

11 February 2013

-SHOWCASE- Imperial Guard Chimera

Hi all!
A friend gave me an unpainted chimera from his collection so i decided to work on a model that i've never painted before... The imperial guard Chimera!
First of all i removed all lasguns from the hull because i hate them (ahaha) so i made a conversion with some plasticard.
Because it's meant to be used with Armoured Battlegroup from Imperial Armour Vol 1, i've removed multilaser from the turret and i've glued an autocannon.
The top hatch has been replaced with that of the space marines vehicles (it looks better for me)
I worked some days and this is the result!
Hope you like it!
See you soon!

01 February 2013

-WIP- Iron Warriors Mechanical Chaos Spawns

Hi all!

I started to make some chaos spawns that will accompany my general and a friend of mine gave me a good idea: why not just use the Ork Killa Kans?

My face was:       O_o

So i bought the "orkish fateful box", and i started working.....

From 3 Killa Kans, i've to build 5 chaos spawns, so i had to mix a lot of bits together...

Unfortunately i had to revise my plans, because i believed that the spawns were mounted on a 60mm base, but instead i found that they using the 40mm!

These are the first results of my sleepless night...
Now i have to add the green stuff to make the model more "demoniac"...


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