27 February 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Kasrkin squad pt1

Hi all!

Some days ago i bought an Imperial Guard Kasrkin squad that i want to use as veteran squad.

The first thing i've noticed when i opened the package, was the bad status of all minis.

So i thought that they would need a bath into paint remover.

After 24h into acetone (i use it to soften old paints and primer) and 24h into denatured alcohol, finally i was able to remove almost all paint with a toothbrush...

Then i've "decapitated" the poor sergeant with dremel...

...and i've replaced his head with the one from Pig Iron Production ( http://www.pig-iron-productions.com ) because all men in my regiment will wear a gas mask!!!

After giving to sergeant a new head, i've glued all men on their bases and i added some details with green stuff, plasticard and sand.

Now they're ready to be painted!

Thanks for reading!

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