01 March 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Kasrkin squad pt2 (Scheme Test)

Hi all!

I've tested my colour scheme on Kasrkin Sergeant, i know that usually we must use an old miniature to make tests but i felt confident on result ahahaha

At first i started with base colours...

I've airbrushed the whole model with  Lifecolor Panzer Grey (RAL 7021) and i've added some details with Mephiston Red, Nurgling Green and Boltgun Metal

Then i washed with blak oil paint...

After the oil paint has dried (it takes about 2 hours) i've added more details and highlights


Then i made the final highlights and i painted the powersword with airbrush... 
When i bought this miniature was in these condition

...And this is the result after plastic surgery ahaha

PS: The green slime on the base was made with Vallejo Still Water + Vallejo Transparent green

I'll post photos of the completed squad soon!

Thanks for reading!

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