24 June 2013

-SHOWCASE- Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Pack

Hi all!

In my club we are starting to make a few rounds of KILL TEAM.
I thought long and hard about what army to use so in the end i decided to use the Space wolves.

As i walked close to the games workshop store i decided to get a look at the models in order to take inspirations

I immediately noticed the Fenrisian Wolves, so i bought a box for experimenting with Snow and Ice :)

To make the snow bases i used the Games Workshop modeling snow mixed with PVA glue.
The stalactites were obtained by melting a base for flying creatures...

I hope you like them!!!

PS: I've almost finished to paint my Astropath... I'll post some pictures soon!!! :D

Thanks for reading!!!!

17 June 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor: ASTROPATH

Hi all!

Was a long time since i wanted to buy an astropath, but i never wanted to wait for the mail order because when i decide to have a model, i want to have it immediately! ahahaha!

So I made a visit to the Games Workshop store in my town and i started to look for a model that could become a astropath ...

After half an hour between blister and boxes (and screaming kids :V ) i finally saw a model that was right for me ... a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Warrior Priest!

As soon as i got home i immediately put him  "under the knife" :)

I removed the original feet and i've replaced them with boots of a Cadian Guardsman

after which i removed the head with the dremel and i glued a scrap of resin to be used as a basis for green stuff.

I modeled the hood and the lens of the gas mask with the green stuff, and i applied the gas mask coming from the sprue of the Imperial Guard command squad

Once dry, i added some guitar strings and a small piece of plasticard for the bionic prosthesis of the right eye

I glued a laspistol on the left hand, and i made the stick with a nemesis warding stave coming from the Grey Knights sprue

after adding extra equipment, this was the result!

So far he looks like a model of the Imperial Guard Renegades...
 ...I will try to make it loyalist with painting ahaha!!!

PS: i want to dedicate this conversion to all friends from the blog "l'astropate" for the hard work they constantly make for us community of 40k :)

Thanks for reading!!!!!

09 June 2013

-SHOWCASE- SAIM-HANN Windrider Jetbike

Hi all!!!

Finally i've completed my Saim-Hann Windrider Jetbike!
I hope you like it!

PS: i head back to my baneblade! ahaha

Thanks for reading!

06 June 2013

-WIP- Eldar Windrider Jetbike Squad pt.1

Hi all!!!

While waiting for oil wash was dry on my baneblade,  i went to read some information about the new eldars and it made me want to paint some bikes to test the color scheme of Saim-Hann, who is one of my favorite Craftworlds.

I started to search in the maze of my house and i was surprised at how many Eldar i found!
I didn't remember to have them bought! ahahaha!!!

So i immediately set to work and assembled 3 jetbikes!

I primed them with Vallejo Black Primer then i made some stripes using masking paper tape

Before giving the base color i did some highlights on the outer parts of the model with Vallejo Grey Primer, after which i gave several thin layers of GW Mephiston Red

I higlighted the edges with a glaze of Blazing Orange and i shaded gems with GW Scorched Brown.

This is the result with only 10 minutes of work with the airbrush!

The eldar jetbikes are very beautiful models, i hope to finish them soon!

Thanks for reading!

05 June 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Baneblade pt.1


For a long time i desired to paint a Baneblade, so i decided to buy it and go to work immediately!

The box is really huge, with lot of detailed components for being an old GW kit

NOTE: to build it properly i suggest you use the spring clamps to hold firm the larger components!

I reinforced the hull with old pieces of sprue to manipulate it better during assembly

Initially i wanted to lengthen the barrel, but once completed i decided to keep the original one (it looks aestetically better)

The Baneblade is a model of incredible beauty... This is the comparison with other vehicles.

To highlight some details, i modified some components, such as this grid that covers the engine behind the main turret

Once chosen the sub assemblies, i primed with Vallejo black primer, then i gave the base color with GW Dawnstone, after that i pre shaded with LIFECOLOR Panzer Gray.

Once dried i added some details with GW Mephiston red, and i made the camouflage with LIFECOLOR Panzer gray,  then i applied a layer of semigloss protective to ensure that the decals adhere better to the surface of the vehicle

This is the result so far...

On pt.2 i'll start with highlights, details and my favourite step: the weathering!

Thanks for reading!!!

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