24 June 2013

-SHOWCASE- Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Pack

Hi all!

In my club we are starting to make a few rounds of KILL TEAM.
I thought long and hard about what army to use so in the end i decided to use the Space wolves.

As i walked close to the games workshop store i decided to get a look at the models in order to take inspirations

I immediately noticed the Fenrisian Wolves, so i bought a box for experimenting with Snow and Ice :)

To make the snow bases i used the Games Workshop modeling snow mixed with PVA glue.
The stalactites were obtained by melting a base for flying creatures...

I hope you like them!!!

PS: I've almost finished to paint my Astropath... I'll post some pictures soon!!! :D

Thanks for reading!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. Far less cartoony than the sculpts would otherwise offer.


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