27 September 2013

-SHOWCASE- Ravenwing Librarian on Jetbike


I've finally completed my Ravenwing Librarian...
I Hope you like it!!!

PS: during the painting process i made some changes to the model showed in WIP stage :P

Link to WIP

Some head details...

Finished model...

Thanks for reading!!!! ;)

13 September 2013

-WIP- Ravenwing Librarian on Jetbike

HELLO and welcome back from summer holidays!!!

As soon as i got back from vacation, i immediately started to work on my next model, the Ravenwing Librarian.

I wanted to break out of the standard, and i decided to create a jetbike instead of a regular motorcycle ...

I opened one of the three boxes of bits looking for an idea to start the project...

...and the first thing i noticed was the frame of a Dark Eldar Jetbike so i decided to start this mad project :)

Since the frame was very short i cut the air intake in order to add other components, and make the model a little bigger...

I built the handlebars and instrumentation using a Space Marine Auspex and the handle of heavy weapons

After that i glued a vox caster as a support for the ravenwing shield and i applied the handlebar previously built

At this point i cut a dreadnought bit and some eagle symbols from imperial city sprue and i glued everything in front of the jetbike frame and i also added a book from ravenwing upgrade sprue

I built the jetbike bottom using a dreadnough cable and a panel from a cyclone missile launcher

The librarian head comes from gray knights sprue...

After i've built all main components i fixed everything with adhesive mastic to see how it looks and i added some details and purity seals

(i didn't take pictures but for the rear engine i used a space marines jump pack)

...and that's the result!!!

Now it's time to paint! :D

Thanks for reading!!!!! :)

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