17 June 2013

-WIP- Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor: ASTROPATH

Hi all!

Was a long time since i wanted to buy an astropath, but i never wanted to wait for the mail order because when i decide to have a model, i want to have it immediately! ahahaha!

So I made a visit to the Games Workshop store in my town and i started to look for a model that could become a astropath ...

After half an hour between blister and boxes (and screaming kids :V ) i finally saw a model that was right for me ... a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Warrior Priest!

As soon as i got home i immediately put him  "under the knife" :)

I removed the original feet and i've replaced them with boots of a Cadian Guardsman

after which i removed the head with the dremel and i glued a scrap of resin to be used as a basis for green stuff.

I modeled the hood and the lens of the gas mask with the green stuff, and i applied the gas mask coming from the sprue of the Imperial Guard command squad

Once dry, i added some guitar strings and a small piece of plasticard for the bionic prosthesis of the right eye

I glued a laspistol on the left hand, and i made the stick with a nemesis warding stave coming from the Grey Knights sprue

after adding extra equipment, this was the result!

So far he looks like a model of the Imperial Guard Renegades...
 ...I will try to make it loyalist with painting ahaha!!!

PS: i want to dedicate this conversion to all friends from the blog "l'astropate" for the hard work they constantly make for us community of 40k :)

Thanks for reading!!!!!


  1. what a sice of guitar strings are you use for your cable ?
    i love you convention works all times

    1. HEHE! Thanks!!!
      For Astropath i used a 6Th(E) Guitar string! :D

  2. Posso rubarti l'idea? :)

    1. Haha certamente! Il blog e le idee sono qui apposta per trarne ispirazione! Come del resto faccio anche io osservando qua e la nella rete! Fammi sapere com'è andata la conversione e se hai bisogno scrivimi pure!!! :)


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