05 March 2013

-WIP- Leman Russ Punisher pt1

Hi all!

Everytime i speak about the Leman Russ Punisher, my friends tell me that's too expensive, that it has no AP, that is only BS 3 etc etc... BUT I LOVE HIM!

So i decided to make a conversion ahahah

I started by cutting the barrels from an assault cannon from Dreadnought plastic kit...

...then i used a land raider bit as enclosure

I filled all gaps with green stuff to make him more resilient, then i sealed with plasticard.

After the green stuff has dried, i drilled all barrels and i've added some details with a plasticard stick, i've sandpapered all imperfections and i added a periscope...

Heavy 20 GO GO GOOOO !!!!!

 ...Painting is already started :)

Thanks for reading!


    solo piu´attenzione alla materia verde, magari la devi ancora sistemare

    1. AHA Grazie! Si queste sono foto del Wip e la materia verde era ancora morbida, dopo e' stata carteggiata e limata per combaciare con la plastica e ho "camuffato" le piccole imprecisioni con una decal... Purtroppo salto da un progetto all'altro come un pazzo, quindi è ancora da finire! :)


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