11 April 2013

-SHOWCASE- Skaven Lord Skrolk

Hello everyone!

Lately i've felt the need to paint something new because i'm a little 'bored to paint vehicles and power armours...

In my opinion, working on new models, improves painting techniques, because you discover new forms and new shades of color.

So i decided to paint a model i had in the house for many years, a Skaven!

The color scheme is not 'very different from the models of Nurgle i painted before, but, accustomed to paint power armours and vehicles, i must admit that the first approach to the flesh, wood and fabrics, it was not easy for me.

Armed with patience and confidence, i completed my first Skaven!

I was born and grew up in a port town ... I love rats! ahahaha

I hope you like it!


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