16 October 2012

Valknut back to work!!!

HI ALL!!!!!

I've taken a little pause from my blog but now i'm returning with lot of news about my works.
I've not posted any news, but i've done lots of paintworks!!!
I'm currently working on a new wh40k Salamanders Army that I want to show on next local modeling competition under "Warhammer Category"...
A sort of unofficial "Armies on parade"
This is a little taste of my new models... I'll post some pictures soon!
Welcome back!!! :)


  1. Good to see you back! Hope you'll have some new Chaos goodies to show us too with all the new stuff that's been released?

    1. Hey!!! Good to see you again!
      Aye! i've spent about 300€ in new chaos stuff... (say goodbye to my salary ahaha)

      But i'm still deciding if i'll paint them in nurgle style or with another theme... :D


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