02 July 2012

-WIP- Genestealers restyle!

Hi all!
I've just completed a unit of genestalers for a friend who has a tournament next week...

I started by stripping the old paint...

After that i broke all arms and i've pinned them in various positions....
I also added some cork stones...

This is the result!
PS: i don't like those bases, but it was a commission:)

No genestealers was harmed in the making of this work! :)

Thanks for reading !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I miss those old metal sculpts lots. You've done them proud mate. Strange colour on the claws though?

    1. Thank you Dai!!!!

      I've painted them with:

      Citadel Blood red + New range shade Agrax earthshade...
      Then i've highlighted with Blood Red + Vallejo bronzed flesh and washed again with the old ogryn flesh wash :)


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