11 August 2013

-SHOWCASE- Dark Angels Ravenwing Bike

Hi all!

During these summer holidays i decided to pull out the Dark Vengeance box because i wanted to paint some dark angels.
I did not remember how beautiful was the sprue and at first look i immediately saw the ravenwing bikes and i wanted to paint one.

Before starting to paint i made an extension to original mufflers with plasticard (they looks better)

I glued the finished bike on a desert base,in order to highlight the dark colors of the ravenwing.

Thats the result for my test model.
i hope you like it!

Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. really cool.............. Must have dropped my jaw somewhere XD

  2. Awesome work.
    What did you use for the mud/weathering?
    Thanks for following!

    1. Thanks!!!

      For Weathering i use oil paints and AK-Interactive and Mig Productions Weathering Supplies :D


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