05 February 2014

-SHOWCASE- Hordes Trollbloods Captain Gunnbjorn

Hi all and welcome back!
In these days i have a lot of work to do and i don't have much time to update the blog, but in the evening i keep on paint like a madman :)

As i explained in my previous post,i felt in love about this new game (new to me) so i started to paint the Hordes Trollbloods.

The Privateer Press models are rich in detail, many of which are visible only after you have primed the miniature, and the game system is fantastic :)

This is my first Trollblood, the Captain Gunnbjorn
I hope you like it :)

Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. Up to your usual amazing standard mate. Nice to see you post again. (How's the rugby going?)

  2. HEY! Hello Dai!
    Thank you!
    Rugby's Going Well, i'm watching 6 nation tournament in these days :D


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