01 May 2012

-WIP- Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard

HI All!!!

That's my Realm of Battle Gameboard work in progress....

I've to add all details and some textures..... 
I've applied many color layers to make it more durable...

1-    Citadel Chaos black spray primer
2-    1:1 Vallejo Black primer + Vallejo light grey primer (airbrushed)
3-    1:2:1 pva glue + water + Vallejo Dark grey primer
3-    Tausept Ochre Drybrush
4-    Vallejo Bronze fleshtone Drybrush

I want to add some green drybush, maybe Gretchin Green, then i'll paint all details (skulls, stones etc...)


  1. Hey,

    Just discovered your blog through the Faeit Blog exchange. ^_^
    I got myself a realm of battle that I plan to paint very soon and you got me curious with yours.

    Why use PVA glue? What does it do?

    Anyway, it is a nice work you've done.

    1. Hello and thanks for reading!

      I mixed the PVA Glue with the second coat of primer to make the surface more resistant to scratches,roll of dices, and for all who use the jackhammer instead of hands to move the miniatures... :)

      Mixing PVA glue with water, when dry, creates a "protective film" between the spray primer and the textures, making the final layer almost indestructible :D

  2. Good to know.
    I will give it a try.

    Thank you

  3. I just got some ideas from your battle board but the above would've been easier if you put a video together and explained how to do it.


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