22 May 2012

-WIP- Nurgle Defiler

Hi all!!!

Today i want to show you how i've made my new Nurgle Defiler :D
These are some photos...
Have fun !!!

At first i started to add some GS details, and, with some Bass strings, i fixed the two resin barrels to the frontal arms...

I've built the daemon engine with some GS, a bottle cap, and some skulls taken from the Citadel basing kit...

After applied all GS details, i've dry brushed all model with liquid green stuff, to give him some rusty and corroded effects...

...Then i started to paint him....

 Today i'll add more... ;)


  1. Man, that is a superb Nurgel conversion, well done. Really reminds me of some of buddy Mike Butcher's conversions and his were so inventive.

  2. G'day, you nurgle defiler is pretty cool. But what is the green stuff and how did you get it to look like you did?

    1. Hello!!!
      the green stuff is a two parts modelling putty that you can easily find on GW stores


      to sculpt it i use dentist tools :)


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