14 April 2017

-STEP BY STEP- Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.1

Hi all!!!

Today i want to show you how i've built and painted my Astra Militarum (... ehm... IMPERIAL GUARD 😒 ) command chimera

While i was searching for some ideas, i've noticed that someone has built his chimera with the turret on the back........

When i saw those pictures, the "miniature conversion engine" has started to work :D


I first sawn the top hull in two parts in order to move back the hole of the turret then i glued some sprue pieces to reinforce the structure and i've glued the two parts together, adding some plasticard to close the holes...

...then i made two holes to magnetize the turret and i added the engine grid using a personal computer dust filter...

PS: I used the Panzer Turret from KROMLECH

I added an autocannon and some others details and i drilled the hatch to make room for tank commander...

Then i've built the rest of the model like a normal chimera and when the main hull was completed i added track guards from Forgeworld...

I added some rivets (made with plasticard and a leather piercer) and some bags and accessories from Tamiya U.S. MILITARY EQUIPMENT SET

And that's the final result.... 😀

At last i've decided to remove the Dozer blade... ehehe

I hope you enjoyed and that will serve for some ideas 😁

See you soon for Pt.2 PAINTING !!!


  1. Definitely looks better without the Dozer blade. Just... too much.

    From being a troop transport, your Chimera now looks like a Main Battle Tank! Love the conversion and all the little extras you added.

    1. Thank you Dai! ;)
      Hehe youp it seems a Main Battle Tank... in fact usually explodes on first turn! ahahha

  2. Now that's a Chimera!

    Agree with Dai, ditch the dozen blade!

  3. hi dear this post is best ,i like and share my social site


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