21 April 2017

-STEP BY STEP- Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.2


In the previous post (Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.1) i've shown how i converted the tank...

Now i  want to show you a brief step-by-step on how i've painted it 😁

Obviously, i primed with Citadel Chaos Black.
I prefer priming my nimiatures with black primer because it helps with shadows...

Then i've painted base colors, with a oblique camo pattern, and i've painted all details using masking tape where needed...

At this point is very important to protect the whole model with transparent glossy because it helps with decals and weathering (as described in this post)...

After deployed all decals, the chimera is ready for weathering...
PS: Remember to seal the whole model again before weathering! 😉

Now we're ready to whash the model with oil paints...
I prefer oil paints over standard washes because you have more "control" and they fill the recesses much better and because they dry very slowly, you can add or remove color easily...

 (I'll explain how to use oil paints on future post 😉)

Now the step i love.... WEATHERING!!!!

In the GRIM DARK FUTURE of 40K there are destroyed cities, radiations, acid rains etc etc... so i love to represent the erosion of those environments over the vehicles...

Before start with weatering i searched for images of radiations erosion...

So i took from the drawer my "magic rust kit" 😂...

...and i started with heavy rust and with sponge weathering tecnique...

After the weathering process was finished, i sealed the whole model with Vallejo Matt Varnish, i've painted the tank commander and that's the final result! 😁

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial and don't hesitate to ask me info on "how to do"

See you soon!!!!!! 😉


  1. Damn mate! That's flippin sexi!

    You certainly haven't lost your edge in the time you've been gone.

    Will there be others to make a full squadron of these lovelies?

    1. hehe TNX Dai,
      actually i've built 6 chimera, but i'm still painting them :)
      I'll post some wip and showcases of my converted Pask Leman Russ soon ;)

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