22 June 2012

-WIP- Nurgle Blight Drone pt2

Hi all!

Today I started to create the propellers for my blight drones.

First of all i cut small sections from a stick of plasticard, they will serve as a support for the blades, and i glued them on the center of the rings.

...after which I studied how to make the blades... *mumble*

First I measured the diameter of the rings, then with photoshop I drew six circles of that size and I have printed them....

on the opposite side of the sheet I filled all six circles with a pencil, to create a sort of rudimentary carbon paper, so I applied the paper to plasticard and I traced the circles.

this was the result :)

Without using too much precision (this is Nurgle, not Tzeentch ahahaha), I drew some crosses that will serve as cutting line.

once the blades have been cut, i bent them slightly, and i made a small hole (on the support too!)

after which I added a piece of metal wire it will serve as a pivot for the propeller.

I put the blades and I fixed with plastic glue.

At this point i inserted some metal wire into the copper tube and i made a small hole on the ring, and i've inserted the propellers on the main body...

Slowly my blight drones are taking shape!

PS: while i've waited for the glue to dry, i've also sculpted the other two drones :P

Thanks for reading.... i'll make pt3 soon !!!


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  1. Thanks for taking a look at my fledgeling blog, I've added Valknut to my blog list :-)

    Having a look round and I'm really impressed, your conversions/scratch builds are amazing. I'm going to read through more when I get chance


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