21 June 2012

-WIP- Nurgle Blight Drone pt1

Hi all!

Today I want to show you how I'm modeling my Blight Drones ...

I started to build one, then I thought that if he was nice, it would be better to have three!

...................So I started to sculpt three at the same time! ahahaaaa

I started by creating the basic body, with paper and paper tape, then I coated all with das...

PS: DAS clay air dries naturally to a hard finish without firing and is available in white or terra cotta. DAS clay is great for modelling and detail is easily captured with a wide variety of tools. Once dried DAS clay may be painted with most paints, however acrylics are recommended.

I added a little copper tube so I can subsequently glue the propellers...

After that, i started to sculpt the body of the larva with Milliput, shaping a sort of buboes (I know ... it's disgusting ahahahaaa)

Then I made the supports for propellers by using 40mm miniatures bases.

I cut with the Dremel the upper part, creating some rings that i subsequently glued together, then i covered them with Milliput.

...I made the textures with the handle of a brush...

When the Milliput on the main body has dried, I started to sculpt the "armor" with Green stuff, making small holes with the sculpting tools.

Tomorrow I will continue my work!



  1. Jebus mate, you work fast! I like what I'm seeing thus far!

    1. haha Thank you!!!! Today i'll work on propellers :D

  2. Wow, you're making this look really easy. Very impressive work so far, keep it up!


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