26 June 2012

-WIP- Nurgle Blight Drone pt3

Hi all!

I'm still working on my blight drones...

I started to to make some textures on the propellers with liquid green stuff.
I drybrushed also the entire body with liquid green stuff.

This will serve as filler for scratches and fingerprints on milliput (it will also add some texture).

Then i added some details on propellers (and greenstuffed them as above)

At this point, my drones needs some wicked weapons!

With plasticard, copper tube and greenstuff, i made the "Mawcannon" and a sort of Autocannon, then i've applied them to the main body.

With liquid green stuff, i made some corrosion effects on weapons...

Then I added some old bass strings.

The Drones are almost done, i've to make a nice base for them...
I want to make some effects, to rapresent some slimy fluid exiting from their tails...

You'll see it in pt4 :P

Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. Fantastic stuff! Love all those weapon barrels pointing in random directions!

    1. ahaha! the true essence of chaos! Thank you!!!!!!


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