02 January 2013

-SHOWCASE- Iron Warriors Juggernaut

Hi all and Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed I was a couple of months away from WH40k to follow some modeling
projects on the historical World War II.

I wanted to focus about the historical modeling (1/35) to study the techniques used to
make the models as realistic as possible, and to learn how to create dioramas that I will
later use for warhammer 40k.

Meanwhile, i thought of my new army ... Chaos of course!

So, after several lessons with real teachers of modeling, and having studied the
techniques of washes and oil filters, I just did a test on the mount of my future IRON
WARRIORS general (devoted to Khorne! ahaha)

These are results...

Hope you will appreciate,
See you soon!!!


  1. Nice to see you back mate.

    1st time I've seen an Iron Warriors theme'd Juggernaught and wow, you've done a great job. (But everyone know Nurgle is a better way to go... *wink*)

    1. AHAHA!
      You're right, but I've already 7000 points of Nurgle ... and I have to change the colors, 'cause I have nightmares, I dream pustules! :O ahahahaa!!!


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