04 January 2013

-WIP- Chaos Space Marines Warpsmith- pt1

Hi all!

Today i've started to paint my Iron Warriors Warpsmith!

After unboxing i've noticed several "deformed components" that i've repaired with an Hairdryer (i know...i'm bald, so don't ask me where i've found an hairdryer! ahaa)

Then i've removed all mold lines with a sharp knife...
(Meanwhile i've made a little diorama on base, and i've left to dry...)
I've inserted also some pins to better fix arms and tentacles to body

After all preparations, i've applied a thin layer of Vallejo Black Primer with airbrush ...

Then i've airbrushed the entire model with Vallejo Silver Metallic (Model Air)

I'll show you more picture of work in progress soon!

Thanks for readings!

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