21 January 2013

-WIP- Iron Warriors Warlord on Juggernaut

Hi all!

It's time to build a warlord capable to mount my Juggernaut!

I started searching for some bits in my box and i've found some interesting components....

1     Classic Chaos Space Marines Shoulder Pad

2     Kromlech Chaos Resin Shoulderpad

3     Metal Cahaos Lord Backpack

4     Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Knight Axe

5     Classic Chaos Space Marines Boltgun

6     Kromlech Bedlam Fraternity Head

7     Anvil Industry Bionic Spartan Torso

8     Anvil Industry Bionic Arms 

9     Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Knight Legs

After selected all components i started to assembly my model adding some details with green stuff and guitar strings...

I fitted a Boltgun on his back...

 ...And i sculpted the saddle so that it could fit with the back of Juggernaut adding some plasticard rivets....

 ..........after the green stuff and glue have dried, I started painting with black primer, Vallejo Silver Metallic (Model Air) and Nuln Oil Wash over the whole model...

Then i started to paint some deatils....

I'll post high definition pictures of completed model soon!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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